Workshop rules


  • DON'T WEAR NICE CLOTHES (or bring something to change into or wear over your clothes)... we do not provide aprons, this is a workshop and you WILL get messy :)
  • You MAY bring wine, snacks, whatever you wish!     
  • We accept cash or credit/debit... if possible, please try to have EXACT CHANGE! We'll love you for it!  There is a $3 transaction fee per project on debit/credit!
  • Depending on your speed and comfort level, WORKSHOPS MAY GO LONGER THAN EXPECTED!  We want you to have exactly what you want but just know that the more personalized you want your piece, the longer it will take...
  • Our doors open up 15 minutes prior to workshop. If you arrive more than 30 minutes past your assigned start time (i.e. your workshop starts at 2:00pm and you arrive at 2:30pm), a $20 per person late fee will be added to your project cost. When you arrive late, our staff has to stay later and help you complete your project. If you want to avoid this fee, please be sure to show up on time.
  • Due to limited space in our buildings, project sharing is not allowed and everyone who attends a workshop must do a project.  If your friend wants to stop by to check us out for a minute, that's perfectly ok!
  • Leave your worries at home!  Just come have a good time... everyone can do this, you don't have to be creative, crafty or artistic, you just have to be willing!!​
  • Lastly, this is a WORKSHOP, not a CLASS!!!  We provide the materials and guidance but step by step instructions are not given and everyone gets to work at their own pace!! This allows the flexibility for you and your friends to all do something different together!!

OPEN WORKSHOP: Come in and do any type of project we have available (Ages 16 and up)

EXPRESS WORKSHOP: Pre-made stained pallets. You tell us the size of the pallet you want, and we'll have it ready for you to start painting on when you get to the workshop! (Ages 16 and up)

MOMMY & ME: One pre-made pallet choice for the juniors and the moms can choose between several different pre-made pallet options. (Ages 7 and up)

JUNIOR WORKSHOP: Juniors can come in and work on their own project. (Supervision by parent/adult is mandatory) Only Juniors can work on projects during this workshop. (Ages 10 - 17)

WINE WEDNESDAY: We have a “project of the night” that we offer during this workshop. Projects will be listed on our Facebook page a week prior. (Adults only)

WALK-IN WORKSHOP: Anyone can come in and create anything we offer. No reservation needed! (Ages 16 and up)

**Please no children under the ages listed above during those workshops. We have a lot of moving parts in our workshops (saws, sanders, fans, etc. and would absolutely hate for anyone to be hurt. All kids under the age of 17 MUST BE SUPERVISED by an adult/parent AT ALL TIMES. Thank you so much for your cooperation on this. 

  • 5 Board Sign $55 - You pick your words and we create the stencils you need for them!
  • Seasonal Door Hangers $35
  • Cross Cut-Out Pallet & Heart Cut-Out Pallet - $55
  • Pallet Painting - You design it, we create word stencils for it!  Choose from our background stencils and add your own style!
    • ​Regular Pallet - 5 board regular, 17x32 - $50
    • Regular Pallet - 7 board regular, 24x32 - $55
    • Med Pallet - 6 boards, 21x24 - $45 
    • Mini Pallet - 5 boards (love pallet), 16x17.5 - $35
    • Long Sign - 4 boards, 14x48 - $65 (Extra boards $5 each)
    • ​Mega Pallet - 7 boards, 24x48 - $80
  • Serving tray $45; includes basic handles

Prices listed are cash price.  There will be an additional $3 added to each project for credit card transactions.

If you have a question, please message us on facebook or email us at

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