Group Party Info

We are so glad you are considering Junkin Gypsies for your group party.  We host bachelorette, birthday, work parties... all kinds... but they ARE ADULT ONLY with the exception that 16+ yr olds are welcome to come to group parties.  BUT, we strongly encourage you to keep it all adults... this is YOUR time!


You can have your guests choose from any of our current projects.  Pallet painting takes up to 5 hours and is usually the longest one.  If you have guests sign up for it, we suggest they drive separate from the others.  EVERY PROJECT AND DESIGN (INCLUDING WORDS FOR PALLETS) MUST BE SENT IN ADVANCE BY THE HOST (host is responsible for collecting everyone's request).... WE CUT STENCILS ON SITE AND MAY TAKE A LONG TIME... IF SOMEONE IS PRESSED FOR TIME, THEY MAY WANT TO COME A DIFFERENT DAY!!!!  Please make sure that your ENTIRE party knows that our workshops usually last AROUND 5 HOURS!

Our doors open up 15 minutes prior to workshop. If you arrive more than 30 minutes past your assigned start time (i.e. your workshop starts at 2:00pm and you arrive at 2:30pm), a $20 per person late fee will be added to your project cost. When you arrive late, our staff has to stay later and help you complete your project. If you want to avoid this fee, please be sure to show up on time.

PLEASE remind your group NOT TO WEAR NICE CLOTHES!!!  We have a few aprons but they don't protect well against stain!  Due to limited space in our buildings, project sharing is not allowed and everyone who attends a workshop must do a project.  If your friend wants to stop by to check us out for a minute, that's perfectly ok... unfortunately, we just don't have the space for extra people.

Open Workshops: 30 Maximum Attendees. We may combine your group with others to reach a max of 30 per night. Workshops will be rescheduled if there are less than 8 ppl for one night. Please complete the below form if you have 2 or more people in your group but would like to be a part of an already scheduled workshop on our calendar that is not FULL.

Private Workshops: Minimum amount for a private party is 20. Maximum is 30. You can sign up for a private party on any of our existing open workshops that are scheduled on the calendar. If you and your group want to come in on a day when we are closed, there will be a $200 fee. 

If you would like to schedule a workshop, look at our schedule and find a date that is BLANK or one that has an existing party with enough space for your group... have at least 2 or 3 dates in mind, a blank day does not always represent an available day.  Complete the form below and we will get back with you soon! 

There is a $20 deposit PER PERSON to hold your spots in the workshop. (i.e. 3 people in your group will be a $60 deposit)
If a person cancels less than 48 hours out, they will lose their deposit. If it’s more than 48 hours out, that persons payment will be applied to another workshop. We will get their name and email address upon cancellation and keep it for the future. The $20 deposit will go towards each project when you come in!
Once you submit your information below, you will be redirected to a payment page. When we have received payment, you (the host) will be sent a confirmation email!​


We are now offering online gift certificates! If you would like to purchase one from us, simply fill out the registration card below. In the notes section, please include “To, From and Amount”. 

Once you hit submit, it​ will take you to the payment page where you can select the number of people that equals the amount you would like the gift certificate to be for (i.e. 1 person = $20.00, 2 people = $40.00 and so on. If you want a gift card to be for $100, please select 5 people.)

You can only order gift cards in increments of $20.
Once we receive your payment, you will get a confirmation email back from us with the gift certificate attached. :)

If you are an individual signing up for an OPEN WORKSHOP, please REGISTER HERE.